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A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 10

The procedure actually was not as complicated as Yordanov had explained to others. The professor just did not want to create unnecessary illusions that always appeared even at the slightest optimism. For himself, however, he knew that in previous experiments, there were a lot more complicated ones than establishing a connection between spaces. Actually, they were far more flexible than people could imagine and if we were still missing the traveling through dimensions it was because of the difficulty of forming the two ends of the tunnel. But now the black spheres were present.  So it was needed only to transfer energy from one place to another, and with it to form a sort of extension of the field to bind its space with the space of Earth. This way Yordanov was going to get an intersection of different dimensions, which in this case would simply mean a gate.Risks nevertheless were not small. Although formed both ends of the tunnel were not exactly stable and its own knowledge could not help him in this challenge. If as a result of the transfer of energy one of them was closed he would fail. A danger represented also the energy itself that no one knew exactly where it will go after passing through the sphere from which they tried to get the president, and whether it will harm the people inside. There was also the likelihood of solar heat to be transferred to not a far and stranger world but on Earth, and burn the whole region. And finally, the "gate" would not look exactly like a door, but rather as a shapeless hole that was not clear whether it will be seen inside. It was not ruled out the need someone to enter help the rescue, who among other things could be wounded. The latter problem, however, was in the duties of the colonel who had already summoned three of its most experienced soldiers and was persuading them to join the squad. In such transactions, he could not order them - the law allowed only voluntary participation.
The professor went to the control panel. His assistant - Peter Falkam was finishing the third check of connections while the testing program has completed the simulation and given probability of success of 7 per cent. The manual work for  Yordanov was not very complicated. Everything would be done fully automatically by the computer that had the power to calculate with a reasonable accuracy the latency and concentrations of energy flows. The man had only to press the start button, and later twice to confirm the execution of the procedures.
- Everything is ready - said Falkam - we have never experimented outdoors, but the security is not less than that in the laboratory. Only if we had the resources of military ... - he looked at electric power generator ten feet away and the three special super equipped with any technique helicopters behind it.
- After today we might have it - answered Yordanov - or lose everything ... well I seem to have picked up more from the gambler than he took from me.
- My people are in place - came Krolin - no one can reach us in less than fifteen minutes. Me and two more will enter the ball. If we do not come back I have instructed the soldiers to obey you, Professor.
The scientist was a little surprised with this having in mind that the colonel had at least three or four deputies, who, by law had the authority in such cases. Yordanov wondered how the head of security has convinced people something different. However, the decision was wise in terms that were likely the "gate" to close without the ball disappearing and then there would have be needed a second attempt. A more indecisive commander could hardly afford it, after the first was just taken the situation worse. Actually, the professor was not sure how, if Krolin drowned in blackness, the commandos would listen to him. But he answered as expected of it:
- Thank you for the trust officer, but I hope I will not have to use the power that you give me.
- Errors on my part will not happen - the task that is my responsibility is too simple compared with the training of my men.
- As far as depends on me, there will be no leak, especially with your invaluable technical assistance. I expected from you just to bring me my equipment, and you dragged ten times as much. How did you do this, considering you have a conflict with authorities outside the perimeter?
- Self channels about which I cannot tell you anything more.
- So it is true the theory was that civilians can never fully control the army - it was not clear if he was joking or was serious the scientist.
- The armed forces are far more controllable than scientific academia - answered in the same style the military and said seriously - I cannot answer this question honestly and keep my job. I would just say that if a military becomes part of the civil power, he would much better succeed to manage the army than any politician - said the colonel and changed the topic - will we start soon?
- After one minute.
Others, with the exception of the soldiers on guard had already gathered. Karidi checking for camera, Father with clasped hands, apparently praying. And the gambler tossing a coin, apparently judging on its way, the chances of success. Mary was digging something into her purse. Soldiers that he did not know, but which had become almost subordinates were assembling the folding stretcher.
The professor pressed the button.

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