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A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 9

- ... You can not order me, Colonel Krolin – rejecting to give up said the old man with epaulettes of a general from the other side of the line – The nuclear weapons are still under the control of the presidents of Great countries and calling me by the Russian nuclear briefcase, you not only look unconvincing, but also are breaking the law. According to which this apparatus has to be delivered to Zaitsev.
- I am using the briefcase just as a communication tool, having an uplink to the satellite, rather than being a console for missile launch - answered Krolin - As regards the powers, you know that after taking a planetary president in office, all nuclear weapons come under his control, with local Presidents reserving the sole right of veto over their use.
- Yes, but I do not have the consent of the President of the United States, and you are not The President of the Earth.
- The status of the head of the security of Kotov gives me the power of strategic general, which means that I can dispose of nuclear weapons.
- You can, but not with those being under joint control. The planetary emergency division, which is under the direct and absolute command of Kotov is neither created nor is planned  any of my missiles to be transferred to it.
- However, the situation is just exceptional and failure of a procedure is illogic to deprive humanity of its means of defense. Formally speaking, if now even the U.S. president orders, you should not listen to him, because missiles are already under joint control.
The general thought for a while. Krolin had touched one of the thinnest strings on military sensitivity – the irrational interference of political procedures in pure martial cases. For centuries, wars were decided in favor of the defeated army, because of disorder and conflict between warlords and politicians. The dislike of such practices was deeply embedded in the consciousness of every man in uniform.
- I'm not guilty of legal setbacks - said though he finally - you also do not offer any particular target against which to shoot, and you just want to blow up "four or five" rockets into orbit. The only argument you have are these black orbs that already are disappearing by themselves.
- One of these orbs engulfed The President of Earth. I think this is a pure security threat. What if they are only a first step? Shouldn’t we now demonstrate the power to prevent the second one? And will we allow ourselves to stay idle while we are strong, waiting to crush us, and then get moving.
Emotional appeal, however failed to touch the old soldier:
- I do not see an immediate threat, Colonel. It is true that the President was killed by the orbs, but this result is really not different from any other successful terrorist attack. In fact even such one is may be also embroiled. Should we risk a nuclear crisis, given that even being difficult, the things will probably settle without it? – finished the general.
The try was obviously unsuccessful. Although he had nothing to lose anyway because of his upcoming retirement, the general would not take the risky step. Krolin was not surprised by the answer, because he knew in what a check-up had to pass each strategic commander before receiving his post. Already the second person after the aide proved the watertight of the human factor. And the chief of security knew that there is also a third proof – it was himself. He was convinced that being at the place of the companion would have done exactly the same way.
- Thank you anyway for your time, General – completed the talk John Jacobs.
- I have to inform you that this call will be reported to the President, Colonel - said the man on the screen.
- So it is right to be - agreed Krolin and disconnected - Any other ideas? - Turned this time he to more chilled in enthusiasm companions.
No one said anything before Yordanov spoke
- There is still a chance. If I can provide a link with the President, and if he is alive, he may order the firing of rockets. The chance to have enough time, however, dropped at least ten times.
- When all else is lost, we will catch and a straw - said the officer.
- Why not use The Sun, Professor - came from somewhere another proposal.
Krolin and Yordanov turned right and met the eyes of some thirty-five year old man in a light summer jacket.
- I do not know you, sir, but I am impressed with the fact that you have overcome my secret cordon - turned first to him the colonel.
- You overestimate me, officer. I have actually never been out of the fenced area so I to need to go back into it. I have just hidden myself among the houses.
The military apparently has made the not exactly right assumption that people will try to escape far away from the black sphere and therefore will not be playing in buildings. The appearance of the man, however, proved a different reality, so before continuing the conversation, the colonel ordered by radio to the two soldiers to tour the buildings and check for other daredevils. Meanwhile Yordanov and Kalkovski - as the newly appeared introduced himself, penetrated deep in a discussion:
- Practically your idea is not feasible - said the scientist - but theoretical formulation is quite true and it makes me think I have before me a man who is interested in intra-dimensional phenomena. Is that true?
- The only over than three-dimensional thing that I know is the complex mathematics, which I studied at the university - answered Kalkovski -  I have never been interested in different spaces and links between them. In fact the only area I'm interested in is the Probability Theory. My suggestion, however, follows logically from your statements about the use of nuclear explosion…
The man apparently had come much before the time in which he was spotted and obviously had heard everything, thought the colonel.
 -… It seems to me that you will not bring the energy the explosion here in one of the familiar ways, and will almost certainly do it via some unknown space. But if you are able to accomplish something like this, then the distance to the Sun, which is only one hundred and fifty million kilometers more is unlikely to pose any obstacle.
- A remarkable logic - said Yordanov - you are completely right, I can use the Sun as an energy source, but the problem here is the much longer life of the star. Atomic explosions will last no more than a minute all together and then - as if they had never been. However, if you open the inter-dimensional gateway to a heavenly light, the consequences may be disastrous for the spaces through which will pass energy. Imagine then that the passage is not closed, as is likely, taking into account the level of knowledge we have - then any planet can be warmed to the stellar temperature. There is also the risk that the channel through which energy flows will pass through any of low energy spaces and literally change its fundamental constants. And in opposite - If you go through some high-energy scale, then the sun can be sucked only in a fraction of a second. We should not forget the possibility that we may find tight space where matter and vacuum are in back ratio compared to that of our Universe. Can you imagine what a havoc it can cause our worm of energy passing there? And finally, even if you ignore everything else, the Sun is the only source of energy that supports the life and the humanity so it is not permissible to make inter-dimensional experiments with it.
- All these are probabilities, Professor. Isn’t it possible to devise an optimum balance between risks, that you highlighted and the value of life of the president? Because in the view of situation it does not seem to leave you any alternatives. Apart from anything else, if you refer to the information of the colonel in the Solar system has at least several thousand areas like this one, so I'd say with a probability over four nines after the decimal point – an inter-dimensional passage somewhere in the Sun is already opened.
- Even if such one is opened, we have not created it, we're not able to stop it, and so we do not assume the responsibility for it.
- You talk like an old gambler, Kalkovski - intervened in the conversation Krolin.
- Only I'm not old, but player - certainly, Colonel.
- As far as I am aware of gamblers and listening to your suggestions, I feel that the life of the president is part of a bet, and you're trying to maximize your chances, risking a foreign back - continued military.
- In fact, in case we have common interests - if Kotov is saved I will win fifty million dollars more than if he dies.
- What about the risk of civilization and for the other dimensions?
- So, you are like having already fully believed Mr. Yordanov. In fact, my suggestions are just a continuation of the amazing projects that he figured. Still we are not sure whether you are talking about something inter-dimensional - more likely sounds even the religious explanations of the priest. And the idea of atomic explosions in Earth orbit just minutes ago received a rejection by common sense. I would say that after all this, the difference between the improbability of the professor’s ideas and my only is parts of a percent - say from 95 to 95.5%.
- This is not a game, player - protested Yordanov - for me there is no doubt that it is a blending of dimensions. Nuclear explosions were suggested because it is the most rational option. Among other things, unlike you, I have no financial interest in the situation. This keeps me from the risk, to equate your views with mine.
- Not everything in this world is a game, Professor. But because of the great complexity and diversity on the one hand and our limitations - on the other, everything is likely and is a subject to stochastic game laws that we can not afford to deny. For you, there is no doubt. But is it the same for the colonel who has to make decisions, balancing between pressure from several places? Does he have the right to believe a scientist-inventor or a priest whose Church, despite all its mistakes, has been recognized for thousands of years. And even if he believes you, to what level will this belief go? Whether it will be as the Father's one – boundless? Or will be limited by evidence - such as yours. As for the material interest - if the President is thrown out of this area, this will hardly stay unnoticed by the Budget Committee.
Yordanov was ready to explode against the iron logic of the gambler, which would inevitably cause a completely inappropriate for the situation scandal, but the priest intervened in a conciliation attempt:
- Do not engage in useless debates - he said - we actually have one-way interests - the colonel must save the president, the professor - to prove his theory, Kalkovski - to win money, and Me, and the Holy Church - to fight in a row evil that have befallen The Earth, and to save the souls of some people from totally disappearing even beyond nothingness. The problem is how far to go in our decisions for not to lose what is called a precautionary measure.
- Profit is not the only my driving ... - tried to make a statement the gambler, but was interrupted by finally decided to take the entire control Krolin:
- End of disputes - he said - the priest is right that our goals are common, and it is high time to take already some common actions. A moment ago I was informed that the apparatus of Professor Yordanov arrived at the airport and now is loaded on a helicopter. After half an hour it will be here. I would say that is the time to decide what to do, but I think that it has been decided. We have already chosen the proposal of Yordanov and having no other choice we will have to run it all the way, even if we have to do it in the most perilous way. Professor - he turned to teaching - I think if you do not find any alternative solution, I'll have to order you to use the Sun.
- I would suggest you first try to establish a communication and leave the final decision to The President, but it seems that we neither have time nor will I make a connection without a major energy source. And if we use the Sun, the better to do is directly to open the passage. I want to be properly understood, however, the media is here and explain to them too… - Sofia has finished shooting and was approached again - …What I will do is not an experiment caused by the exaltation of science over everything, but is a performing a necessary procedure. I'll try to gather energy from the Sun, but as a part of my civic duty, that has just been recalled from the Colonel. And not motivated by a too impetuous experimental spirit. This does not mean that in a case of a failure I will reject my personal responsibility. And that seems to be the greatest since I offered the inter-dimensional explanation of what happened. But I want to know that the decision was made and is commonly chosen because all we here thought it was the best…- completed Yordanov.
- You have my word, I will also not escape and be involved in the downfall, Professor - Krolin answered with a smile.
The journalist turned off the camera and added:
- A great negotiation. I think we will air it without editing...

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