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A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 8

- I can not let you go, Father. The perimeter is insulated - The trooper said.
- The president needs someone to pray for his soul - the priest replied.
- Pray here. In current case there is hardly any difference where you will do it.
- Soldier, this black ball stuck in the middle of the city is certainly something that science cannot explain. Don't you think that the commander will need a spiritual person?
- If he needs, he'll call.
The trooper was apparently adamant and Willie felt obliged to come to the area, which apparently had the characteristics of an absolute blackness, i.e. could be a sign. Perhaps the Devil's one, but a sign.
- We have arrested one of the terrorists - broke Mary Grant - your boss will probably want to see us.
- Colonel Krolin is aware and if he finds you are needed he will call you. Now I do not want to bother him, because he has bigger problems.
The priest again tried theologically:
- The Church has the right to attend at any contact with divine powers and you can not withdraw it. If you do not let me go now, the blackness could disappear before they officially sent a clergyman. This poses a risk for the future of humanity.
- I'm sorry, Father. If you like  - sit down and wait. In five minutes the control lieutenant will come and then you can try to convince him.
The priest and the girl moved ten meters away and sat on a bench in front of a house. The "Five" minutes imperceptibly grew into an hour, after which, fortunately, the commander of the soldiers yet appeared on the opposite side of the street. Mary and the priest immediately rose and hurried to the guard. But his boss either was not hurrying or just was looking very carefully the area, so it passed seven or eight minutes to reach them.
Fortunately, however, the lieutenant was slightly more cooperative:
- I understand your argument, Father Willie, but why together with you I have to pass also that civilian - he said pointing to Mary.
- I also took part in the capture of the terrorist - she said, although the question was not for her.
- I'm sure that everyone who wants to get to the ball can find enough strong arguments for it, but I do not have enough men and you are only wasting my time.
- Why not at least call your boss? If he simply confirms your decision we will have lost a few minutes. But if he lets us go, it would appear that you have made the wrong choice delaying us. I am convinced that he needs our help - played with a sense of doubt, the father.
- I can't ask the colonel at any attempt for going in. He instructed me and I am executing orders - went on the defensive lieutenant.
- Listen Officer - continued Willie - There is no much candidates for passing your perimeter. In fact, we are the only ones. And the matter is of minutes, maybe hours, not days. The future will depend on the decisions of the Colonel, simply because politicians do not have time to intervene. Don't you think the dilemma before Krolin is important enough to use more points of view.
The lieutenant thought some seconds and finally decided that the fastest way to clear the problem is to consult his boss:
- Colonel Krolin - he spoke to transmitter - we have a problem.
- What is it? - asked the colonel.
- The Priest who defused one of the terrorists with a girl are here and insist to enter. He says that you need more points of view in the decisions ahead of you. You understand that we lack men and he is a religious person and we can not ...
- The special status in society - interrupted Krolin who obviously had no time to listen long explanations - Even be it religious, does not give privileges to my orders, Lieutenant. But in this case I will do, as I do not notice your diffidence, because I really need an alternative explanation. Submit this Father.
- And what with the girl?
- If they do not want to divide pass her too. At least I need now strangers walking between the two cordons.
- Clear Colonel - finished the junior officer and turned to the two civilians - Welcome, Father. Sorry for the delay.
- You just have kept your duty officer. God loves people like you.
The Colonel really could not boast an abundance of counselors. Besides him and three other soldiers staying twenty yards from the motionless ball only was seen a few other civilians. One of them was talking to the colonel. An young woman with a camera in hand was about fifty yards distant, and shooting - the media really were everywhere. And a group of five or six soldiers was walking round the crater formed at the onset of the sphere.
The Priest and Mary came to Krolin.
- Finally some official institution to respond - only half jokingly said the colonel.
- If you mean the church, I'm not here at its engagement and I can not represent it officially- Willie answed.
- However, you are a priest and you have the right to comment on major theological issues. So I let you enter, because I need a specialist in religious matters, to predict what might be the consequences of my actions in religious area. You better than me understand, that the "thing" here - he pointed to the ball - is something that could easily pass for a sign. I also wonder why it stopped moving shortly after it consumed the presidential helicopter. So I guess for possible comments from the extreme sects.
Father said nothing, but instead Mary said:
- Why take on the responsibility, Colonel. Shouldn't have already a minister appeared?
- Right here is the problem. The President has sworn in and turned into force the new constitution, but failed to draw public authorities. Currently there is no legal UN or a government and prime minister or president of the Legislative Assembly, or a chief of magistrates. Realistically I, as a head of security, I am the only one who has some official status worldwide. Some power belongs to the authorities of this country, but they can hardly make decisions in this situation.
- Wouldn't they at least send reinforcements?
- They have sent but on the outer perimeter. They are trying to get me to leave the zone. In fact, we're not even the only problem - similar orbs have appeared on a hundred and forty-seven places on Earth, and some of them were even followed by lava flows. In this kind of latency remained thirty-five. And astronomers have detected the same spherical blacknesses around all the Solar System.
- The problem is obviously not local. Maybe you really should go out of the perimeter and let another deal with it.- Willie offered.
- I also thought so, but this man here - he pointed his former companion - is trying to convince me that it is may be possible to take the President out, and also we are left with less and less remaining time. But because what he offers is mildly insane, I would like to think about other options before thinking on his ideas. So my question to you if  "this" is somehow described in the Bible or any other religious book?
Willie thought little - more to give weight to the words than to find a straight answer, then said:
- According to the Scriptures The God and the Devil can take any incarnations. In addition, if we accept that all natural forces are subordinate to them, therefore they could create something like this.
- I do not need general statements, but facts - Is it described somewhere a beast, dragon or other "immersive black monster."
- Obviously you are interested if in the Bible is mentioned a similar case. I'm sure a creative work as an interpreter would find something similar, and even they could "prove" that the event is predicted somewhere in the countless rows. But more important is something else - certainly we have a devastating storm occurring at a key moment in the history of civilization, and not much later than the point of transition between two millennia. Surely the Bible has described such events.
- And what then people have done?
- Different - in some cases God appeared and told some chosen ones what to do. In other some people have found their own solution with a deep faith that the Almighty has moved their actions. I think for the newer parts of the Scriptures is more typical the second option.
- So to find the decision ourselves...
- You're never alone, because God is everywhere and in everything, Colonel.
- Obviously, I will have to finish my conversation with Mr. Yordanov never the less how crazy is it - concluded the military.
- Maybe God is speaking through him. Sometimes God's advice really looks crazy. Do not forget that no one believed that Jesus could walk on water or Moses could open a passage into the sea.
- So Professor Yordanov - turned to scholar the colonel - as I'm may be the only whose believe in your ideas matters, could you repeat your plan to Father ... actually I do not even know his name ...
- Willie - the Priest said - and this is my companion Mary.
- So could you repeat that plan before Father Willie. If you convince him I will have a reason to consider it. Eventually, with the journalist you will have already gathered three steadfastly convinced of its rightness.
- Of course, officer - Yordanov replied - but this time I will be shorter, not only because I'm tired of repeating myself, but because time flies faster.
- I have already ordered to bring your equipment. And you have another hour and a half with nothing to do - protected himself the colonel.
- I could explore the crater instead of your inexperienced commandos. But really discussing the options for action is more important - he concluded, turning to the priest:
- My opinion, Father Willie, is that, obviously we face an interplay between dimensions. For ten years engaged in research in this area I am sure that what we see in front of us  is a part of another dimension, another space that temporary has entered ours. But in theory such tangles are usually very unstable and disappear rather quickly.
The president at the time certainly is both close to us - no more than a few hundred meters, while infinitely far - perhaps beyond our Universe. If the ball goes away before we could get him out of there, Kotov will disappear as matter, energy, and even as a soul, assuming there is one, from our familiar three-dimensional space. Or in the best case - will be thrown somewhere in the unknown parts of space. You can well understand how much more likely is this to happen at a place that could not support life than on livable world.
The proposal, which I did to Krolin is to try with my experimental equipment from the lab to open a passage in the ball and hope Kotov sees it and goes out. The colonel, however, worried about the fact that I asked for a nuclear bomb detonated in Earth orbit, to get the energy I need. He said the risk is too high, the chances of success - symbolic and he had no right to dispose of missile - the professor finished.
- Willie did not answer immediately, but do it insightful:
- God teaches that no effort has been too great since the purpose is to save lives. But in this case maybe it is also for the soul, because if someone leaves our universe without dying, it means that the soul leaves, which is tantamount to losing it. Of course, in general terms it would not escape the eyes of the Almighty, as it should exist over the dimensions. But it is our obligation to try to detain it - said the father.
- You are on the move - Yordanov turned to the colonel - The priest obviously supports me.
- Do you understand what will be the consequences of a nuclear explosion in orbit, Father - opposed Krolin - even ignoring the direct damage of radiation that will be absorbed by the atmosphere, imagine how many satellites will be swept away by the explosion, how this will disrupt communications and how many lives could worth the chaos.
- Even risking the life is allowed to save a life, soldier. And for the soul that goes double.
- Why are you sure that the professor is telling the truth? He can be mistaken. The ball could not be a part of another dimension and all theory to become a fabrication.
- The scientist apparently is seeking the truth, and this demand should be encouraged.
The colonel did not answer for a moment, then continued:
- And how are you going to get politicians to launch a rocket to the desired coordinates? Do not rely on the briefcase. Forget it. The Adjutant will never allow. His job is to protect from unauthorized hands and believe me he will do it. I can not even take it by force, because two codes are needed - his and the one that only the president knows.
- As a head of security, you also have high enough status to give such orders. And with the support of the adjutant you might convince a team of a remote rocket launcher that is not well informed - certainly there is such one in Russia, to launch its charge. Moreover, he will use the direct channel from the briefcase, which in itself is quite convincing.
- Remember, I'm an American, Yordanov, and this is the Russian nuclear briefcase. No Russian would obey a foreigner, be he even the head of security, of the first person in the world. In fact, my so-called "high enough status" will apply when a global nuclear briefcase is created, whatever is not yet available. I'm not even sure if we have the right to retain this one here because it must be delivered to the new Russian president Zaitsev, whose term begins with the assumption of the presidency of the World by Kotov.
- In this case, Colonel Krolin, my suggestion for escaping the crisis fails. I will try the equipment to make at least a contact with the President, although I have no idea, how this will happen without an intra-dimensional passage. But you are left without a solution to your problem - apparently concluded Yordanov and walked toward the crater.
Surprises in this day has no end:
- I think that it is not impossible to find a rocket launch - broke aide.
- I thought you were the biggest opponent of the ideas of the professor - asked immediately, but a little confused Krolin.
- I can not let anyone use the briefcase, but generally I agree that something needs to be done and I think several thousand black clouds in the planetary system are sufficient excuse to at least one nuclear explosion. So I suggest you try a few of the strategic generals. I'm sure that at least two or three will be willing to risk a flare if this can bring benefits in saving the president. You understand that with the unification of world the military spending will tighten. So a convincing military involvement in such an operation could be a serious argument. Additionally they will insure themselves and will record your order, Krolin. And my support too.
- You will officially support me? This will certainly cost you an adjutancy. The Society will not accept the trigger  to be in the hands of an aggressive person, and you will look very aggressive, believe me.
- I'm willing to take that risk. Furthermore, and I do not value much this post. Remember that an hour ago, I almost lost my life because of it, without ever being able to defend myself.
- So everything is left only on my decision.
- That's right - aide confirmed.
- That's right - again Yordanov.
The Colonel paused. An hour ago the soldier thought that the most important mission of his life will be guarding the millionth rally. But now he had to detonate nuclear weapons. If the gradation continued soon he could be forced to decide the fate of civilization, he suggested. He did not assume, however, how close to the truth could be his assumption.

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