Thursday, December 6, 2012

A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 6

These five minutes - as Kotov had promised to be the length of the speech, would be the most intense in his career - was sure Krolin. Since the advent of the President of the stage to the beginning of the speech were reported three foiled attempts to shoot. The crowd realized  nothing and stayed in controllable state, but even one shot would be sufficient to start a chaos. And at the third attempt, defeating the shooter was not even by the security forces. Instead an unknown priest just dragged a gun and a man with two broken arms to one of the officers in the back and said he has seen him to aim at the stage. It was not clear if he had himself disarmed the terrorist or the job was done by any of the mafia mugs from families seeking a survival of the president. The mode of action was pointing more towards the second option.In the other two cases just in a happy coincidence the assailants had appeared near any of the embedded among the crowd agents. Still It had not been manifested any organized group whose disposal would not be so easy.
- The Father tells he has stopped the shooter himself, with the help of a girl - in the headset sounded the voice of one of the police officers - they both were embarked on a tall tree and thus accidentally saw a man with a rifle nearby. There was no time to waste, so the priest threw his heavy silver cross against the shooter. He was not firmly connected to the tree and the hit made him fall. He managed to catch a single branch, but dropped the gun. The girl, who too much looks like a prostitute, has got down and took the weapon. However the terrorist apparently was a professional because only seconds later he was down too. He has knocked  the rifle from her hands and then has made a deadly kick in her neck. She survived only because she had some experience in martial arts and was able to patch up a clumsy defense block. But the strike sent the girl down on the ground and the assailant pulled a knife just to quietly finish her. And then the father jumped on him. They fell to the ground, but the terrorist did not drop the knife, so the priest should immediately bounce back. A skirmish followed, in which the terrorist did not give up before both his hands were broken and the girl laid the gun to his head.
We found the  identity of the attacker - he is Ali Chen - a Chinese muslim known as doing the dirty work of the underground cult "Brothers of God."
- Thank you officer - said Krolin and added in his mind - This Christian priest must have preached among Shaolin monks, as he has been able to cope only by bare hands with Chen.
The colonel looked at his watch - three minutes before the end of the speech, and perhaps fifteen till the end the threat. Fifteen because after the speech Kotov will have to leave the area in a helicopter that will take him to the airport. And the the military was well aware that helicopters are very vulnerable machines.

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