Sunday, November 4, 2012

A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 4

Wilhelm Heindrich or as more commonly called in the last twenty years - Father Willy arrived only fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of the formal ceremony and for understandable reasons, had to be content with the back row. He did not aspire to something more, and so just looked around for a more comfortable position. From which would be able not only to hear from speakers located anywhere but to see at least some of the silhouettes on the tribune. He did not have to search much, because others had already found a solution - the surrounding deciduous trees were heavy with a few dozen people.
And as the foremost were already too heavy, the priest entered deep among the woods, where he noticed a tree comparatively higher  the rest, that surprisingly was free. The "miracle" has gone when coming to near six-foot diameter trunk and found that the lowest branch is located three feet above his head. Ladders and other equipment missed, so obviously no one took it to climb.
The Father, however, was doing well with greater difficulties in his life, so he didn't hesitate for a long when finding that at fifteen feet height from the ground the crown of the giant plant is intertwined with that of a neighboring tree, whose lower branch at hand was only a foot up from his outstretched hands.
With a good bounce, and a muscle strain, Willy ended up on him, and after another five minutes - and the height of the clutter. Branches were really tight clinging each other, so that the risk of fractures and falls was low. Problems created only the passage between them, but Heindrich was not so thick and with a little more effort and a single lock up the outside of the splices, overcame the obstacle.
When he finally slid comfortably on a branch some twenty feet above the average height of the remaining forest, the climber looked at his watch and found three minutes to eight. "Just in time" - he thought before somewhere underneath he was called by a title:
- How did you get there, Father? - Echoed the cry of a pleasant female voice.
The Man devoted to God, though ever has given a vow of celibacy has not lost his sense of chivalry, so he looked down through the branches and politely said:
- With the help of the Almighty all things are possible ... Miss - the girl was no more than 25 years, and because she was not dressed in the most Godly way, the father said magnanimously - Do you want me to help you to believe in God?
- I'd be grateful - from the back row I can see nothing.
After a few minutes he found himself on the lowest branch where stretched his hand down and asked:
- Can you jump and grab?
- I have a lot of sins, and God will hardly help me flew - a witty answer the rhetorical question it.
- The alternative is to climb that tree up there - he pointed interlacing - to switch on this side, as I did.
- It's rather high...
- Do you have something long and hard so I can pull you up.
She looked around and having found nothing suitable, suddenly took off her jacket and said:
- Made of leather, I'll pass, but is only four feet between the ends of the two arms.
Willy could not answer a few seconds because he was troubled by what was shining below the almost transparent shirt.
- If you help me get up, you will be able to look at me closely - said the girl noticing the direction of gaze.
- If you come a little closer to me I will have a sin in my mind - he said - but today is a great day and it would be a greater sin not to help someone in trouble. Give me the jacket.
After these words the father fixed his feet between two close branches and laid back hanging around his knees. This way he won about five feet, which added to the length of the garment provided pivot point only half a meter above the head of beauty. With a graceful leap she reached the lower sleeve and hovered for a few seconds of shaking herself, the priest and even the branches, that carried both. But Willy's shanks held and when the shake calmed, the girl showed amazing agility in climbing. When the transparent shirt walked past his nose, the father felt in the bottom, actually now upper half of his body something that should not be felt and asked God that when the climber passes that point she don't notice it. Whether accidental or intentional, however, just as her chest was there she caught stronger an as a result get a pretty close fit. Moments later, her hands and arms were on the branch and the priest felt a few dozen pounds lighter.
- You must have been an athlete - he said when they reached the found earlier by him spot with a great view.
- Only amateur and application level - even nowadays girls should have certain physical capabilities to deal with some not so honorable individuals - she said.
- Were these activities connected with martial arts? - Asked Willie, stumbled on posture topic of conversation - which style?
- Only a few self-defense course - not more than a year in total, followed by cultivation of three-four techniques and strengthen muscles.
Apparently the knowledge was not as deep as he wanted, so the priest turned one pending issue, the common procedure in general:
- You think very rationally - partially finished previous topic he - but we have not actually introduced ourselves. I am Father Willy from the German Orthodox church.
- Orthodox German! - She said.
- That's right - Answered for an umpteen thousandth time in his life the father - Sounds unusual, but you cannot imagine what spiritual advantage possesses our institution.
- I imagine - beauty answers - I'm the Mary Grant - a free profession.
- Freelancer! - Wondered in turn priest, but before he could say anything more, Mary said:
- You cannot imagine how sinfully rational can advantage of the prejudices of society, people like me.
- I think I can ...
The conversation was interrupted because from all the speakers in the area boomed the voice of the chairman of the electoral commission, which by coincidence was proved also as a head of the organization of the event.

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