Friday, November 30, 2012

A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 5

- Dear representatives of the world's nations - the Frenchman deliberately used this general salutation rather than elite guests lists first, then less elite and finally common citizens, to highlight the building of a society where differences are not so important - I have the honor to open this first ceremony of its kind in history, which marks the end of the current for millenniums bloody evolution of humanity and the start of a new era that will reveal exceptional horizons.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


$ 1,600 per ounce. Goldberg wondered if he has to speak now or at $1650. But remembered that he was so astonished at $1500. There is no perfect solutions. Even the largest investor could not only earn profits nor be optimal every time. In fact, the pursuit of optimal profit was one of the poisons that makes the majority of investors losers. The timing of entry and exit on the market was what most investors never understood. Such a theory of moments was completely incompatible with the idea of optimal profit. Any reasonable way out of the market, in most cases, would occur before the maximum price, i.e. would provide bunches. Something the greed of the masses hardly accepts so finally masses usually lose. So Goldberg decided to postpone no more. He called the Executive Director of the Fund for investment in gold derivatives and told him to sell everything. And quickly.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 4

Wilhelm Heindrich or as more commonly called in the last twenty years - Father Willy arrived only fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of the formal ceremony and for understandable reasons, had to be content with the back row. He did not aspire to something more, and so just looked around for a more comfortable position. From which would be able not only to hear from speakers located anywhere but to see at least some of the silhouettes on the tribune. He did not have to search much, because others had already found a solution - the surrounding deciduous trees were heavy with a few dozen people.