Monday, October 29, 2012

A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 1



 The size of the rally surpassed all expectations. The idea was to make the ceremony in the Great Hall of the city, but it appeared that five thousand places would not be enough even for the official guests so the oath went to the open air. It was a nightmare of security since only the square was large enough to accommodate three hundred thousand people and the distance to the vacant area surrounding the city was only a hundred meters. Gap was filled with a few low buildings that were  not good for observation posts. Rostrum only rose about twenty feet above the ground, representing the perfect target distance of 3-4 km from the hills surrounding the valley in which the town was.

 To ensure the greatest security was formed a tripartite 12 thousand corps of Russia, USA and China having the same number of soldiers selected from the most prestigious units. To these were added one thousand blue helmets of any nationality, sent more as representatives of nations, rather than as guards. Unspecified number, but in all cases in the number of thousands were the official delegations bodyguards.
 All these preparations however were only reliable if no more than five hundred thousand men had decided to attend the inauguration of the first president of the world that would put a formal end to the ten-year period in the formation of a world state.
 A general election as expected was won by the candidate of the Big Three - the former Russian head of state Mikhail Kotov, behind which, besides his own countrymen stood The Americans and The Chinese. Smaller world powers led by Germany proposed Marcus Stern. And he did great in achieving thirty-five percent - only three points back of Kotov. Between the two rounds, however great powers decided that winning the first world leader should be convincing to make him look like a unifier of the Earth. So Stern withdrew his candidature in return of becoming a prime minister in the future government. As a result of runoff The Russian took nearly 80 percent of the votes and the date the oath was scheduled in three weeks.
 In the Big Day - January 25, 2048 event was scheduled in an infamous African country as a symbol of full integration into the world of this abandoned and most tormented in previous eras continent.
 For complete surprise and dismay of the organizers, the people who decided to see live the beginning of the five year term of Kotov were nearly 2 million, surpassing the largest optimistic assumptions revolving around the psychological barrier of one million.
 When the crowd reached seven hundred thousand the head of security - Colonel John Jacobs Krolin by U.S. forces "Omega" informed future president that the situation gets out of control and recommended legal uttering words to be still in the room. He recalled that literally the day before Chinese intelligence had intercepted another 17th excellent organized group aimed to attack to prevent the completion of the federation on the planet. The Russian, however, with his typical oriental mentality, rejected all such ideas. Once the figure surpassed one million Krolin informed  Kotov that the situation has become almost a paradise for possible bombers, and at a million and a half straight warned that he could no longer guarantee security. He asked for reinforcements, but all he managed was to get 10 helicopters with 4 snipers each to hover above the crowd and watch for suspicious persons. Embedded among the crows agents were completely lost, as each of them has accounted for three-four times more people than originally anticipated, which reduced in the corresponding number of times their effectiveness.
 To introduce at least an elementary order the colonel usurped the rights of the boss of the blue helmets and summoned under his command three quarters of the bodyguards of the state delegations. Formally, he could not require such a mobilization but on the brink of anarchy, senior officials were pleased that someone is willing to take upon his shoulders the organization.
 Confusion about the reconfiguration of the rally slowed down the start of the ceremony, but Krolin knowing that with every minute of waiting after the initial start-time the situation will deteriorate, reduced delay to a quarter of a hour. So at eight-fifteen p.m. The Chairman of the Electoral Commission - Frenchman Leon Leblanc called in English language the audience attention.

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