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A test of Divinity - Part I - Contact - Chapter 2

Dr. Peter Yordanov - Chairman of the Department of dimensions exploration in United European Academy of Sciences, in short - UEAS, has received a special invitation personally by Kotov. The future president was a big supporter of space science and was personally committed to provide more funding for the main challenge that would be forthcoming after the unification of humanity - the Space. Yordanov headed a group of unconventional scientists experimenting with alleged passageways between dimensions.
Many old professors believed that his research is a waste of money and years ago the department was almost closed, when in one of the experiments inexplicably an implosion swallowed a quarter of the lab, without in rest even to flinch the air. True happiness was, at that time there was only one employee who was on the opposite side of the room to the experimental reactor. The man was actually with his back to the place of the implosion, and did not see anything at the time of the incident. But he was shocked when suddenly all measurement units recorded before his eyes the switching off of the reactor. When he looked back to the bench, his eyes opened to the wonderful views of the surrounding the institute forest, which was visible through the perfectly trimmed part of the building with a hemispherical shape with a radius of 4-5 meters and a center right on the missing key equipment. Later the video showed a darkening around reactor, followed by a rapid shrinking, with the whole process completed in less than half a second.
The missing part of the room did not appear anywhere, but the "accident" was unequivocal evidence that space is not only what the mainstream science knows. That was enough to win a few more years of grant.
Yordanov barely succeeded to catch be the penultimate flight and this out of many high official recommendations has cost him three times the price of tickets for bribes. Finally, he landed on the black continent and foresight went to the square at noon, which helped him to find a quiet place guaranteed in the official sector. His chair - so called because the "box" was nothing else than a collection of neat chairs - was located right at the end of the area devoted to academics. To the right of it after a two-meter corridor for passage was the journalists sector, where even at this early hour the doctor could see a few familiar faces. But they were too busy to prepare equipment and although previously many were pressing for interviews, now were not very interested in him. Apparently the oath of the president was swallowed them whole.
However, there were more pragmatic journalists and one of them came out of nowhere just on the opposite side of the reporter sector. It was a young Italian Sofia Karidi, that had earned a reputation of  succeeding to reconcile the asking of awkward questions with arranging interviews with hard to reach individuals running away from the difficult questions. Pragmatism at this time was in the fact that it was better to use the clustering of such greatness and take five or six interviews from them, than like most of his colleagues, to try to get to Kotov, and to say "her only" a few words before or after repeated at the press conference. Instead, after three weeks, when the excitement surrounding the presidential ceremony will have passed, and it begins the discussion of the research budgets, her TV would broadcast an interview with a completely unique unreachable due time employment revered member of UEAS.
- Professor Yordanov, would you answer a few questions about the TransEuro? - She asked traditional introductory question.
- Have I ever refused the television since you are there, Miss Karidi? - Responded with counter-question he.
Although hardly ever there was a case to interview a man and he does not tease her, impressed by the former model, giving up too soon on fame and millions accumulated based only on appearance, Sofia briefly confused. Although sometimes her bosses complained that she dresses too provocatively, inside she was not so decisive and could not overcome another girls' awkwardness. But as she was ready with the first question, this helped her not to show embarrassment. She signaled the operator and began
- It is said that Michael Jenkins Professor of the Department of Astronomy prepares a serious campaign for redistribution of funds for space research that intends to make an example of irrational spending that is your lab. He said the society will benefit more if in the year is orbited a new telescope, instead of giving money to agile magicians - as he called you. How would you comment on these attacks?
- Professor Jenkins is one of the most respected scholars and his word must be heard even by those to whom it is unprofitable - started in a conciliation way and totally frustrating Yordanov - But he was held to find the reason for the lack of money not where it is. Our lab actually costs yearly a little more than a telescope, but it is not competing with astronomy. It is now clear that long-distance space travel is usually impossible in space - because of the limit of the speed of light. Also certain is that there are intra-dimensional passages that one day, which is not so far away, will bring astronomers closer than they ever dreamed to the surveyed by them objects. So our Department and The Astronomical are two complementary rather than competing units. The problem with the lack of funds comes from the little money that society as a whole devotes to science. But today's ceremony actually embodies, among other things, also the hope of people to minimize any irrational expenditures, including those based on mutual distrust. That in the coming years will undoubtedly lead to a better funding for UEAS.
- However far apart from one video without any scientific value and disputed by influential colleagues, you have not provided any evidence that the unknown dimensions do actually exist. And it is even much away the idea of passes through them.
- For anyone familiar with mathematics and multidimensional effects of overload, there is no doubt that there are unknown dimensions. As for the passes, they are now actually unproven, but the only logical explanation of vanishing into the black holes matter for instance. That video is completely authentic and the lack of hemisphere of the laboratory can be seen by anyone who bothered to go to the building. Furthermore, the investigation found that no Earth technology exists that can with such precision cut virtually any material ended up on the border of extinction. Have you ever seen concrete, polished to mirror? Because believe me before natural processes could roughen it again, I was able to see my face in the concrete mirror when I bent over to look at the groove. The same can be confirmed by thirty witnesses, including not working with me and therefore independent from laboratory.
- These arguments your team uses for several years up to now, don't you think that they may have tired the budget committee, and prepare you and some more specific results for the recent development of research, to imagine?
- Problems with our research results have always existed. The results can be understood only by experts that the committee lacks. Clearer, more obvious evidence that other sciences can provide, we can not show. True, apparent from all the evidence will come when we can transfer a material object from one place to another without using the familiar traditional ways. Then officials and corporations will fight each other who of them to fund our research. But unfortunately at this stage we are able to register only the energy absorption. But on the one hand we do not know where it is going, and on the other - is not something material and the majority of people do not accept it as a valid argument. Although in nature matter and energy are two manifestations of the same thing.
- There are close links between you and president Kotov. This causes a lot of considered as disadvantaged scientists to address criticisms that your program relies only acquaintances with the Government. Now that Kotov gets even bigger impact, don't you think his promises to increase spending on science will be associated with your friendship and the situation may start to look like settling buddies?
- I can not claim that our long-standing acquaintance with the president, does not affect his decisions, even only because I have access to him and am able to convince the lab needs more than probably almost every other scientist on Earth . But do not forget that Kotov pleads for more money for science in general and did not mention a single word about how they will be distributed between academies and institutes, and even less to say - among their internal units. So actually being friends with him, I am helping more on science as a whole, rather than myself. Moreover, at least in the first few years of his tenure as a global president Kotov will have less power over the planet, because although the institution is out with major powers, they will be progressively get. It is known also that the financial and economic powers will be given only in the last year of the five-year term, and even then the last word will be to the General Assembly. And also it should not remain in the background the fact that the percentage of global taxes, the central government will receive will be very small. In general the number provided to reach twenty per cent, but this will happen only after ten years. During his first term Kotov will dispose of no more than four percent, and he will not rule it alone. A second term is not granted to any politician.
- And Finally, Professor Yordanov, according to your optimistic forecasts, when the mankind is to go out among the stars?
- The stars and planets orbiting around them are the only hope for the solution of major strategic issues and global problems. They are also the only path to a long-term development. The path to them has no alternative but perhaps there are different means of taking on it. I hope our research can open the first door. The problem is that we do not know when there will happen the decisive breakthrough. In fact it may have to wait for decades. Thinking optimistically, however, we can not avoid seeing the positive side of this uncertainty. The opening of the tunnel could be tomorrow, or even at this point in my lab assistants have already opened the champagne.
- Thank you, Professor - Karidi completed and signaled the operator to turn off the camera. Then continued unofficially:
- You presented well and even with this interview and support of Kotov, you could win more funding twelve months, but don't you think that a few years above the clouds thicken your project.
- I am a scientist and I am obliged to do what depends on me, including to fight for resources. If tomorrow society decides that my research is not important for it I will go back to the university and will continue to work on a theoretical level and try to win supporters among students. When again money is found, I will be back.
- You talk as if you are indifferent about the result of nearly a decade efforts.
- I'm just a pragmatist - I can be more useful to my research as a theorist than as a weeping loser.
- You are an incorrigible optimist, Yordanov - ended the working part of the talk the journalist and the conversation went something more personal - How is Catherine?
A former of a few days girlfriend of the the doctor and Sofia were fellows in the University of Belgrade. Yordanov know them by roughly the same time and in the very beginning, wondered who of them to try to court. Finally he chose the compatriot. But now, after being free and looking for a new girlfriend Karidi was one of the potential options:
- Parted - he said.
The girl was surprised, but quickly responded standard:
- Oh, I'm sorry I did not. Long since?
- Almost a week after the last point. Otherwise, four or five months of the first crack.
Once she saw the other person has actually experienced separation well before this, and now is even willing to joke, joke Karidi continued:
- As far as I know you it will not go a week and you will find a replacement.
- Do you want it to be you? - asked the most unexpected question the professor, apparently eager to laugh.
Once her face has become more beautiful for a few seconds because of unexplained light that causes a smile, Sofia answered him no less challenging:
- Do not play with fire, doctor - the words sounded both professionally and personally - But consider that I am in the process of restructuring of my personal life - the phrase was brilliant - So you might incur in trouble. You are lucky that I am a good girl.
- Katerina was a good girl too, but this did not prevent her to seduce me during one of our interviews. However, she was more strategic - always invited me to interview in a restaurant instead getting me off guard before an important ceremony.
- But at the end you paid the bill.
- Of course, that's when the process is twofold.
- I'll think seriously about the place of the next interview.
- Just not tonight - I've been invited to the gala dinner of the President.
- Really, me too. Maybe I should bring my tape recorder.
- Surely, I can not pay - all at the expense of the state.
- And the interview is unlikely to happen - some journalists try not to manifest such professional events. We are trying to prove that we can be not always at work.
- However, I will be glad to see you again tonight.
- Me too, but now I will leave you to try to conduct another four or five calls.
- Want to get the job done for the month ahead? - last joked Yordanov.
- That's right - the journalist stood up and without much hurry went to a back row, where minutes earlier has gone the operator.
Yordanov watched her for a few seconds, then returned his thoughts back to the upcoming event.

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